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Fri. Jun. 5

How to get quality backlinks

Have you ever wondered how some web pages rank first in SERPS? When answered, this question creates a path to high ranking and leads us to a vital resource called backlinks.

Otherwise, known as inbound or one-way links, these give sites a particular impression. One with many inbound links tends to rank higher in almost all search engines. This metric is valid till date.

It’s just as if you’re gathering votes to appear in the first position. The more votes (Inbound connections) you develop, the more organic search comes your way.

This piece provides information on link building, how it works, and vital factors to consider. In the meantime, stick with this quick tip — you don’t need the hype if it isn’t a quality backlink.

Importance of backlinks

There are no two ways about this — you’re definitely missing out if you disregard backlinks. They are essential for growth. In fact, they have been Google’s preferred key ranking option.

Your sole responsibility is to acquire enough for your site, but be careful when doing so. Not all backlinks are beneficial. Some of these references are destructive.

If a reputable website adds your webpage to its reference list, it’s merely telling Google that this content is valuable and needs more attention. On the contrary, what do you think would happen if a site features your page?

First off, knowing some critical terms seems like a great way to brighten your knowledge. These include:

Link Juice: refers to the linking of two sites. For instance, if one blog links to your homepage, the interaction behind this motive is known as link juice. It strengthens domain authority and improves ranking.

As it turns out, a particular online company may need to stop passing link juice, and you need a no-follow tag to force this action.

Do-follow link: The name has said it all. A do-follow tag is always part of every link juice. A backlink to your site often comes with this tag, if not restricted.

No-follow tag: Contrary to the above tag, this works in the opposite direction. While it is standard, it has no importance on ranking and doesn’t pass any link juice. Why do people use this label?

The internet has in stock various information. As a blogger, you may need to link to web pages you know nothing about — in a word — an unreliable web resource. You can do this without passing any link juice using the no-follow tag, as it helps to keep your safety.

Low-quality links: Some links aren’t worth the effort. References like these come from automated platforms, including spam and porn sites. Moreover, they cause more harm to your site both instantly and in the long run.

To get the best from backlinks, avoid low-quality references. Have in mind that they are no use to you and your viewers.

Anchor text: Keywords are essentials for ranking high on SERPs. Most bloggers use what we call a hyperlink — more like keywords — in texts to make references. They can also be called anchor texts.

Linking root domains: The search engine algorithm has its way of estimating backlinks for ranking. If you receive, say, ten, inbound links from a reliable website, you just earned one linking root domain. Generally, SEO experts use this to estimate incoming way links.

Internal link: There are specific occasions where one would have to link from a webpage to another but not outside the site. For example, blogger X wrote two articles on Electric cars, talked about the benefits in the first, and discussed their features in the other piece. Interlinking these articles can help drive traffic to these pages, sourcing organic views from one another.

How to get quality backlinks

Now that you’ve learned about inbound links and their usefulness, what’s next? You need to start acquiring them.

Here’s the part of taking note of, if not, you just might be threading wrongly. Remember that your focus should be on acquiring high-quality links, the number of links matters less.

One more thing before we dive into the necessary steps to take: flee from link buying. If you do this, get ready to be penalized by Google Penguin’s Algorithm.

So here’s the central aspect — how can you gain quality backlinks?

Write excellent articles

Want inbound links from reputable websites? You need to create a reason for people to link back to you. One of the working link building strategies involves writing excellent articles.

If viewers like your post, they share it. The same interaction applies when bloggers view your post, but instead, they pass link juice. The only way to perfect this technique is by producing intriguing content. Use the guide below to capture your readers’ attention:

●Solve problems. Of course, ninety percent of your viewers seek answers to queries. You can be of great help by creating pinpoints.

●Be precise. Give your content a delicate structure, heading, and formatting.

●The only way to beat the competition and stand out — be unique.

Other necessary actions include:

●Check reputable sites and start guest blogging. In exchange, you get one or two inbound links. To make the process easier, look for sites that already offer this by using advanced Google search operators.

●A building link requires a smart approach. Some SEO tools will allow you to see sites referencing other platforms but not yours.

●Build broken links. Of course, they aren’t suitable for your viewers, and that’s because the internet is always busy. Here’s what you can do: look for broken links and recreate the content. Then contact those that linked to the old content and request a link to your updated construction.

●Use web directories. Although this isn’t a popular method anymore, it is of great potential. It is difficult to get legal directories — more reason you need to be careful and avoid sites requesting a backlink before registering for their service.


Traffic is the feeding source of every blog and website on the net, and backlinks serve as a way of enrichment. Always note that quality links are more preferable than bare and chunky references. With the above tips, you can start developing wealthy inbound links without hassle.